Maintaining Park

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Some people might think that this is a quieter time of the year for us, and in terms of footfall that is certainly true. We close the Park gates mid-January for our six week shutdown and without guests or owners on Park, we can turn our attention to our annual maintenance and there is plenty to keep us occupied! Many guests wonder why we need to shut at all, and hopefully this will give you a little insight!

During this time we have the chance to carry out jobs that aren’t possible when we have a Park full of guests, like difficult caravan movements or removals, and renovations to walls, pathways and decking. We can carry out maintenance to electrics, water and lighting without disrupting anyone’s holiday.

All our holiday homes are scrubbed, soaked and polished, inside and out, to make sure that they are in top-notch condition for reopening. Anything starting to show signs of getting a little worn is repaired or replaced, and we order plenty of backup parts so that we are ready for whatever the season ahead has to throw at us.

This is also the time of year when the cold weather descends on Portland. Whilst all of the Park’s rental fleet include extra insulation to keep them protected from the elements, we have to take steps to protect some of the caravans against freezing, by draining the caravans down and turning the water off to the Park.

These are just some of the jobs that prepare us for 1st March, when we reopen the Park for the 2019 season and welcome you all back on holiday!

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