Re-live History In Castletown, Portland

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Here at Cove Park we have guests arriving on holiday all year round. Over the winter months it’s hard to beat sitting in a warm cosy holiday home, watching the dramatic skylines and stormy seas just outside your window. But if you’re staying with us for a few days, then no doubt you’ll also want to wrap up and get outside to experience all that Portland has to offer!

Luckily there is plenty to do, whatever the weather. One hidden gem, down in Castletown, is the recently opened D-Day Centre. This is an authentic re-creation of the wartime dock yard that was situated on Portland in 1944 and it tells the story of the thousands of American troops stationed here in an incredibly immersive and interactive way.

The attraction is suitable for all ages, giving a wealth of information that you can really get involved with in the form of videos, information boards, dressing up boxes (a team favourite!) and authentic vehicles that you can clamber over. There is also a gift shop and tea room with some really great murals from local primary schools and college students – there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

The team that run the D-Day Centre are truly passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable about all of this historical treasure-trove. They really help capture the imaginations of anyone walking through the doors. It doesn’t matter if it is your 1st or your 50th visit to Portland, I am sure that there will still be something new for you to learn at the D-Day Centre.

If all of this still hasn’t tickled your fancy, then maybe the hulking great tank that you can actually climb inside, might do it? It certainly made my day!

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